Train Sleeper: never miss your stop

Jonathan Morris
July 1, 2011

Ever fallen asleep on your train and missed your stop, only to discover it was the last train of the day and you now have a guard wanting to charge you for going beyond your destination?

If the above has happened, or you’ve ended up waiting for the first train back in the morning or shelling out loads for a cab to get you home from the middle of nowhere, Train Sleeper is a must-have app for your Android smartphone.

It’s now available for UK train passengers, after Irish passengers have been able to ensure they don’t miss their stop for a while. Train Sleeper UK is available as a free version with ads, or an ad-free version for £1. Both have the same functionality.

The app is very simple. First you select your train operator, followed by the station you are travelling to. Then you select the distance where you will be notified, from between 1/4 mile and 3 miles. The latter is advisable for longer-distance trains travelling at speed, giving you ample time to gather your bearings and find your way to the doors.

Unfortunately the app can’t help you with that bit, or how you get home after you’ve alighted the train.

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