TrafficMaster SmartNav mobile comes to iPhone and BlackBerry

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November 25, 2009

SmartNav offers an alternative to the traditional navigation solutions, with simple and clear on-screen icons for the next turn and the option of having routes sent to the phone after speaking to an operator. Of course, entering an address manually is still an option.

SmartNav uses real-time traffic information and average speed information to calculate the best route at any given time, with updates sent if the situation changes. No map updates are required, as they are included in the subscription fee.

The SmartNav service is available on a 30-day free trial, with subscriptions at £3.99 per month or £24.99 for a year. Calls to the personal assistant cost 59p per minute.

Future developments are likely to include access to information on flights, public transport, major events, fuel prices, nearest cash machines and hotels.

More info: Trafficmaster


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