Top Tech Shopping Tips to Make your Black Friday Greener

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November 29, 2019

Choose a Low-carbon Internal Storage Capacity

Higher storage capacities are one of the reasons devices have higher carbon footprint because the more memory is built-in the more integrated circuits are required. The difference is not only emissions-related. Models with higher capacities are also the most expensive in product line-ups.

Smaller Device, Fewer Resources

From Apple’s environmental reports, we know that it takes more resources to manufacture bigger devices and it generates more emissions too, so go for a basic model when buying a new phone.

Choose a Device That Will Last

Slim, all-glass phones have a premium feel and look stunning, but they are not very practical. Avoid slippery finishes and remember if you want to have a long relationship with your phone without any damage, a nice grip is a must-have.

Avoid Next-day Deliveries and Purchase Multiple Items at Once

Next-day or two-day deliveries mean that companies do not have as much time to organise the efficient transportation of multiple items. There may be more trips for less cargo and items may even have to be flown into the UK from another country to arrive in time. Also, try and organise your purchases in less orders as they can be grouped and delivered together. All of these variables make CO2 levels significantly rise.

Go Local

If a product has your interest piqued, try finding the same one in stick al local retailers. While your items will still need to be delivered, they will not have to go as far, plus they are unlikely to need to be flown to reach your doorstep.

Tips from Matthew Moreton, Managing Director at Compare and Recycle

These tips are part of the wider Green Tuesday Campaign which encourage people to recycle their old tech lying around at home to help fund Christmas and do their bit for the environment.

Green Tuesday is a small-step-big-difference approach to tackle the growing mountains of e-waste, whilst helping offset your carbon footprint and recuperating some of your spending after Black Friday.

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