Top five FREE smartphone games (July 20 – 26 July)

Thomas Wellburn
July 30, 2015

Mobile gaming is an industry that only keeps getting bigger. Games act as a perfect companion for those stressful morning commutes or short journeys. However, with the wealth of titles on offer it can be a little daunting to separate the good from the bad.

We’ve got another Top Five for you! Just as we did last week, here’s our rundown of the top five best free smartphone games for July 20th – July 26th:

 Adventure Time Puzzle Quest – Match 3 Puzzle Game (Android and iOS)

adventure time

Adventure Time fans finally have their own match-three puzzler to play with. It’s a simple affair that those who watch the TV series will likely appreciate. Tiles come in several different colours and matching them up allows you to damage foes. The game has an inter-twining RPG element where battles take place during the game. It’s an interesting combination that offers something different from the typical formula, though it would’ve been nice to see some boss battles. Still, its a fun title that is worth checking out.

Cally’s Caves 3 (iOS only)

callys caves

Cally’s Caves 3 continues the success of its predecessors with a generous 120 levels and some punishing platform elements. Cally’s parents have been kidnapped by the evil antagonist Dr. Herbert, and it’s up to her to rescue them. Once again, you’ll be entering the caverns in Cally’s backyard, fighting whatever enemies stand in your way. Stopping at shops to buy any of the games 12 customisable weapons is important, as you’ll need them for some of the tougher battles. The graphical style is perfectly quirky and the whole game exuberates 2D nostalgia. Brilliant.

Forsaken World Mobile MMORPG (Android and iOS) forsaken world

If you ever played the classic Phantasy Star Online series, you’ll be familiar with the mechanics in Forsaken World. The title has been available on PC for some time but has now finally landed on mobile platforms. Players create their character, pick their race and then venture out into an open world to tackle the evil Dysil, an entity housed in the body of a black dragon. Controls hae been reworked for mobile and work surprisingly well, with customisable hot-buttons that can be assigned to spells and weapons. Definitely one for WOW lovers.

Paper Train: Rush (iOS only)

paper train

Paper Train: Rush is another endless runner that manages to captivate through its beautiful visuals. It’s overly cutesy and perhaps a little too colourful, but it fits in perfectly with the theme of the game. As an engineer in charge of a small toy train, it’s your job to keep it on the tracks and stop it derailing. Simply swipe horizontally to switch between tracks and tap the screen to jump over obstacles. It couldn’t be any simpler. There’s plenty of trains to unlock and various settings to enjoy, which gives it a decent amount of replay value.

Q*bert Rebooted (iOS only) 

*Also available on Android for £1.31


Jumping on the media-wave of the frankly awful Pixels movie, lovable retro character Q*bert is back with his own mobile game. Being a down-the-mountain title, the gameplay is fairly simple. Make your way to the bottom of an isometric 3D pyramid and avoid enemies and obstacles along the way. Stages can be replayed to earn better star ratings, which will unlock additional characters. The game is fully playable in classic pixellated 2D or a newer, more modernised version. Gameplay is the same across both modes but the feature helps to add some retro nostalgia.

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