Rock out to CHVRCHES with our top mobile games this week

Thomas Wellburn
April 22, 2016

Mobile gaming is an industry that only keeps getting bigger. Games act as a perfect companion for those stressful morning commutes or short journeys. However, with the wealth of titles on offer it can be a little daunting to separate the good from the bad.

We’re bringing back the top 5! Here’s our pick of the five best smartphone games this week!

Snake Snither Run – Worm Eat Color Dot (iOS only)

Price: Free

snake snither run

A more modern take on the classic snake title, this game sees you take control of a tiny cell as you fight for survival. Eating other snakes that are smaller than yourself will allow you to grow bigger, but you’ll to watch out for others who are out to eat you! It’s a surprisingly challenging title with plenty of scope for replayability, though we did notice a few subtle glitches that seemed to happen even on higher-end hardware. Still, it’s excellent fun and with the inclusion of leaderboards, you’ll be battling friends scores for weeks to come on those long London commutes.

Mars Mountain (Android and iOS)

Price: Free

mars mountain

Another fun climbing title, Mars Mountain puts the player in control of the Apollo 741 crew while they search for parts to repair the ship. Move up while avoiding various traps such as turbines and spikes. The higher you climb, the bigger your score. Canisters are dotted around which boost your score further, allowing for some serious combos if you’re on a roll. We’re also a big fan of the art style, which has a very pretty pixel-art style.

Tormentum – Dark Sorrow (Android and iOS)

Price: £7.99 (iOS) £4.99 (Google)

tormentum dark sorrow

Point and click adventure games are quite common these days, but Tormetum puts out a strong effort thanks to an interesting story and excellent art style. Influenced by the Demon’s Souls universe, you play a nameless hero who doesn’t remember his name nor where he comes from. With three realms to choose from that each have a differing look and feel, there’s plenty to explore. Add to this the puzzle elements and it has all the bases covered that you would expect from a solid point n’ click title.

Pang Adventures (Android and iOS)

Price: £2.29

Pang Adventures

Pang Adventures is a platformer that somewhat reminds us of the Mario games. It even has two brothers… One of whom is dressed in red. Split into a series of short levels, it’s your job to kill aliens as they try to take over the world. You’ll be fighting in numerous locations ranging from Scotland to Bora Bora and beyond. Boss fights help break up the repetitiveness of killing hordes of enemies, while the ad-free experience is always something that appeals to us. Good job guys!

LOUD on Planet X (Android and iOS

Price: £2.99 (iOS) £3.61 (Android)

loud on planet x

If you’ve played Guitar Hero, you’ll feel right at home here. LOUD on Planet X tasks you with killing, you guessed it… Aliens… As you rock out to over 20 licensed songs from artists such as CHVRCHES and Lights. Graphically, it has an excellent art style that almost has a cartoony vibe to it.  There’s 30 levels to get though and plenty of scope for replayability thanks to the official songs, which helps it to stand out among the crowd.

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