Top 5 classic games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

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July 10, 2012

Whether you’ve bought a smartphone running iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you can enjoy a wide range of great games on your new handset that are perfect for keeping you entertained on your travels.

To help you get started, we’ve taken a look at five all-time classics that no smartphone should be without. Offering hours of fun, they’re not to be missed. And some are even free, so why not give them a try today?

Angry Birds smartphone game

Angry Birds
Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone
Price: From free
If you’ve somehow managed to miss the Angry Birds bandwagon, now’s the perfect time to catch up on all the action. The premise of the game is simple; a drove of green pigs has made off with your eggs and it’s up you, the titular Angry Birds, to take the battle to the filthy swine and recover them. With its great graphics, hilarious sound effects and fantastic gameplay, this is rightfully one of the most popular smartphone games ever made. So give it a try and see why flinging fowl has become the most addictive pastime since the good old days when we were all playing Snake on our Nokia phones.

Plants vs. Zombies smartphone game

Plants Vs. Zombies
Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone
Price: From £1.92
Porting this classic PC title over to smartphones, Plants Vs. Zombies is one of the most fun-packed strategy games you can play. With a swarm of the undead attacking your home, you must use every plant in your garden to keep them at bay. And as the attack escalates, you need to use careful strategy to fight off the hordes. As with all the best smartphone games it is easy to pick up, yet tough to master. And with a huge range of extra game modes to try once you’ve finished the main play-through, there’s enough to keep you playing for a long time to come.

Cut The Rope smartphone game

Cut The Rope
Platforms: Android and iOS
Price: From £0.62
Mind-bogglingly challenging, yet always addictive, Cut The Rope is a fantastic puzzle game, ideal for keeping entertained on the go. The aim is to navigate a tasty sweet through a range of complex mazes and into the gaping maw of a hungry green monster. With loads of tricky obstacles to overcome, stars to collect and complicated physics-based puzzles to solve, the levels can become infuriating at times, but the difficulty is perfectly pitched to keep you coming back for more. And with hundreds of levels on offer, you’ll be glued to your phone for months. A modern classic.

Fruit Ninja smartphone game

Fruit Ninja
Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone
Price: From £0.69
When you want to give your brain a rest, why not dive into the adrenaline-fueled hack and slash action of Fruit Ninja on your phone? A true test of your reflexes, you must use your finger to swipe at the fruit that flies across your screen. Points are awarded for every piece of fruit you chop and extra bonus scores are on offer for complex combos. And with surprise bombs thrown into the mix to raise the stakes, this great game really tests your mettle and forces you to think just as quickly as you swipe. An essential download for all.

Osmos smartphone game

Platforms: Android and iOS
Price: From £1.99
Offering a bizarre trip to another world, Osmos is an addictive physics-based puzzler that mixes compelling gameplay, great graphics and a beautiful ambient soundtrack. You play as a single-celled organism, called a ‘mote’, and the aim of the game is to navigate your way around the screen and absorb every other mote you come across via osmosis, to become the biggest mote on the screen. While the game is easy at first, it quickly becomes a tough test of skill and nerves, making it an essential and totally unique addition to your smartphone’s games collection.

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