Today, for one day only, you can order an ice cream van through the Uber app

Callum Tennent
July 18, 2014

Today, June 18th 2014, is a very special day. Not only is it set to be one of the hottest days of the year (depending on where you live, of course), but there is also set to be a huge breakthrough in the field of on-demand ice cream.

Uber, the dial-a-ride minicab app, is branching out. Ordinarily you have three choices of vehicle – UberX, Exec or Lux, which scale upwards in both price and class of car. Today though, there is a fourth choice: ice cream van.

As you may have suspected at this point though, the van isn’t for riding in. Instead, it’ll bring ice cream to you and your colleagues, friends, family or whoever else you’re enjoying the summer sun with. The service is live  in 144 cities in 38 countries across 6 continents, so be sure to check times and availability here if it sounds like something you’d be interested in.

If you’re based in London you’ll be treated to five Mr Whippy ice creams for £20. It’s steep, but they also come with branded Uber goodies. Plus, on-demand ice cream delivery is ridiculously cool.

Special mentions should also go out to the residents of Eugene and Portland (OR.), Salem (MA.), St. Louis (MO.) and Vancouver (WA.) who can get their five ice creams  completely free of charge. We have no idea why, but we are jealous.


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