Tim Cook gets ridiculed for blurry iPhone 6s photo

Thomas Wellburn
February 8, 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook managed to take a rather dodgy shot of the Superbowl last night, resulting in a pretty hostile response on social media.

Let’s be fair here, the iPhone 6s has a very good camera. While it’s not the best that we’ve ever tested, it certainly comes very close. Apple spends millions advertising the features of its handsets and it’s PR is usually pretty on the ball. Imagine the irony then, when Tim Cook manages to completely screw up at possibly the biggest event in the world. In the heat of the moment, Cook snapped a blurry mess of a photo on his iPhone 6s and managed to crush their entire image in one push of the shutter.


Twitter went into meltdown, quickly making jibes and generally ridiculing the crap out of Cook and the iPhone 6s. Comments range from people repping Samsung as the best camera sensor manufacturer, to people even using it as an opportunity to rant about battery capacity. Let that be a lesson Apple, never conjure the wrath of the interwebs.

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