Three UK completes phase one of its £400m network upgrade

Jonathan Morris
October 14, 2010

Three has added 4,900 sites to the UK’s biggest 3G network, to cope with the smartphone and mobile broadband boom.

As of today, the network has 12,400 3G sites, bringing coverage to more rural areas and adding much-needed data capacity in built-up areas, to cope with the surge in mobile data usage. It represents 97% of the UK population.

Three hopes to reach almost 100% by the end of 2010.

97% is also the same percentage of data usage on Three’s network, with only 3% of the network used for traditional voice calls. Smartphones, the iPad and mobile broadband dongles (plus Three’s MiFi) has seen a huge transformation in how UK consumers use mobile networks.

A staggering 100 terabytes of data is sent through Three’s network every single day, including 6% of people updating Microsoft software and 2.5% using services such as Skype and MSN.

With network sharing deals, plus the merger of the network infrastructure with T-Mobile, there are now 5,069 less masts around the country.

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