Three offers Lumia 925 on pre-order from June 7

Alex Walls
May 29, 2013

Pre-orders for the Lumia 925 from Three will begin from June 7.

The network confirmed the device would be available on its Ultrafast network recently, and its website shows the device would be available for pre-order from June 7, as first reported by Pocket-lint.

No information such as pricing or tariff details was available, the network said.

Nokia has said the device, which it calls a variation of its flagship, the Lumia 920, would sell for around ‚¬469 ( £398).

The company said it had no further information available regarding launch dates and tariffs as yet.

Other major operators and retailers

Meanwhile, O2 has confirmed it would exclusively offer the white version of the device at launch on its Refresh tariff, available for pre-order from May 30th and in store from June 13th.

Everything Everywhere said it did not have any further details about whether it would stock the device full stop.

Vodafone has said it would be offering the phone on its Red and other tariffs and its customers would receive exclusive access to the 32GB version of the 925 (the 16GB version will be available with other networks and the 925 does not have a microSD slot).  However it said today no further information regarding release date or tariffs was available.

Phones 4u has confirmed it will stock the device, and has a webpage for customers to register interest, but said it had no further information on pricing or launch dates as yet.

Carphone Warehouse said it had no further information as to the 925’s availability, however the retailer does have  a webpage to register interest.

Check out What Mobile’s first look at the ‘flagship variation’ Lumia 925  here.

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