Three launches ‘one-touch’ MiFi – Huawei E585

Jonathan Morris
June 11, 2010

The original MiFi model used LEDs to show the status of the unit, from signal and battery life to the speed of connection. The E585 now has an OLED display to show all of this information, plus details of the amount of data transferred.

The MiFi can be used to connect up to five devices to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection. Security ensures that you keep control of these users. A new browser based dashboard allows you to manage settings from any device with a web browser.

The new MiFi will be available in early July and retails for £49.99 on a prepay basis, or free on most mobile broadband contracts.


There is good news for existing MiFi owners too. Although you will still have to make do with the LEDs instead of a detailed screen, existing MiFi units will soon be offered a firmware update to add the new dashboard and ‘one-touch’ start-up. Check the Three website for more information.



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