Three introduces fee for text message delivery notification

Jonathan Morris
May 16, 2011

When it comes to writing about Three, it’s usually to talk about their latest tariff change to ‘shake up the industry’, such as increased call bundles, free voicemail, unlimited Internet etc.

So it comes as a big disappointment to discover the network is introducing a charge for providing text message delivery notifications, starting from June 6th 2011.

It is only 1p per delivery report, but for such a nominal fee why bother to charge anything at all?

Delivery reports are extremely useful to know that your message wasn’t just accepted by the network, but actually made it to the recipient.

Given the fact that Three offers users up to 5,000 text messages per month on its One Plan tariff, this new price hike could mean you find your bill ends up being a whopping £50 higher! That is if you don’t turn the feature off, which Three now seems happy to provide guides for doing!

Perhaps a one penny charge isn’t so insignificant after all.

Orange also levies a charge for a delivery report on selected tariffs.

More info: “Ask Three” Website

Three website: Text delivery reports confirm to you whether the text messages that you send are delivered successfully. To learn how to switch delivery reports on or off go to the interactive guide for your phone.

From June 6th 2011, you’ll be charged 1p for every text delivery report you request.

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