Three announces it will sell the BlackBerry Torch

Jonathan Morris
August 9, 2010

Three is the third UK network to announce that it will be releasing the new BlackBerry Torch smartphone, although like every other network there has been no exact release date or pricing.

The new Torch, previously referred to as the Bold 9800, combines the full QWERTY keyboard from the Bold 9700 and a capacitive touchscreen. It will also be the first BlackBerry to ship with OS 6, ahead of its roll-out to 9700 and 9105 (Pearl 3G) users later in the year.

Last week, Vodafone and Orange signalled their intention to range the handset. It is understood that Vodafone may have an exclusive period, although the length is not yet known.

What Mobile also expects similar announcements from other networks in the near future.

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