They Need to be Fed game review

Chris James
December 25, 2010

They Need to be Fed sounds odd and looks odd, but deep down it’s really just a lovable platformer longing for your attention.

A group of monsters are about to starve to death, so you, as the unnamed hero of the story, must leap through seven world collecting diamonds, before throwing yourself valiantly into said monster’s mouth to eat.

The game uses 360 degree gravity, so your character can jump horizontally up from an object, or find himself swung around with momentum from orbiting a platform. It’s an odd effect at first, but soon becomes second nature as the levels progress.

This progression is faultless, introducing new concepts regularly and always somehow managing to impress with a new creative problem. The only real issue is that it’s all over a little too quickly, but it’s hard to grumble too much about the length given its price.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Platform iPhone

Price £0.59

From App Store

Publisher YoYo Games

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