The portable personal trainer: Myzone® launches its ultimate Health Package

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May 2, 2019

Wearable fitness brand launches two new in-app features to help support a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Today, Myzone – the wearable fitness technology brand enjoyed by over one million users worldwide – has launched two, new in-app features to ensure Myzone participants stay committed, motivated and on target.

  • The MZ-Fitness Test is an innovative feature designed to help you accurately monitor your fitness. This allows you to see improvements in your recovery time. Once you have performed more than one MZ-Fitness Test, you will begin to see your historical data, and this will also be shown as a % result to show your fitness levels change.
  • The MZ-Motion is set to change the standard delivery of ‘steps’ by focusing on duration rather than a single movement. It only records continuous movement you make to give a fuller picture of your daily activity – even when you are not wearing your MZ-3. Every minute of movement provides you with one MZ-Motion. Utilising the phone’s accelerometer, which detects movement, it records incidental activity when the phone is in motion.

Since its inception, Myzone has strived to provide one of the most unique, comprehensive and effective health and fitness platforms. Offering a heart rate accuracy of over 99%, Myzone has revolutionised the way we challenge, compete and motivate ourselves during exercise. Five simple colour codes, starting at a grey and ending on red, provide you with instantaneous feedback on your work out intensity, thus earning you highly addictive Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). And with the new MZ-Fitness Test and MZ-Motion now part of the system, Myzone is more exciting and engaging than ever.

Myzone allows you to achieve MEPs for virtually any activity, whatever your age or fitness ability. Not only is it about individual performance, but Myzone also offers a social experience that is both inclusive and engaging to all – allowing you to compete against friends on a level playing field.

More about the original Myzone collection:

Myzone MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt

This is the pinnacle of Myzone’s product offering. Creating an effort-based reading from your personal resting and maximum heartrate, the Myzone MZ-3 belt gives you a clear colour reading to help you keep your fitness goals in check. This will tell you if you are in the peak zone, the cardio zone, the aerobic zone or the fat burning zone to help you plan workouts and achieve specific targets.

Myzone Sports Bra 

For the first time instead of carrying a heart rate tracker belt in your gym bag, you can clip the module directly on to your sports bra and start tracking your workouts straight away. (Available in energizing shades of red, pink, yellow and aqua.)

Myzone Compression Shirt

The Myzone Smart t-shirt offers a comfortable, compression feel to your training, whilst providing Myzone users with accurate and consistent heart rate monitoring. Made of 92% polyamide and 8% elastane, the Myzone t-shirt is light and breathable to minimize body temperature fluctuations. Its sweat-wicking capabilities alleviate discomfort by removing humidity and keeping your body dry.

About Myzone:

Myzone is the next big step in sports wearables, motivating you to get the most from exercise, whatever your fitness level, however you train. It lets you know how hard you’re trying when you work out and features a heart rate accuracy of over 99%. Myzone also offers amongst the most precise calorie-crunch data on the market, plus the ability to effectively calculate cardio and weight training.

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