The Apple iPhone 8 is Splitting Open

Thomas Wellburn
October 2, 2017

User reports from Taiwan are suggesting that some samples of the new Apple iPhone 8 are experiencing cracking and splitting while the device is charging.

The Apple iPhone 8 has only been out roughly a week and already, users are reporting some strange issues. Similar to the bendgate scandal, some iPhone 8 handsets appear to be splitting and cracking. This time, it’s not down to the strength of the device but rather, how the handset charges. Two cases have been reported currently. One iPhone 8 buyer had only used the smartphone for five days before it cracked open while charging. Another user in Japan claimed that he received a brand new iPhone 8 Plus with a split screen.

Apple is currently investigating the issue and has stated that it is most likely caused by the battery expanding during charging. It’s currently unclear if this problem is caused by wired or wireless charging technologies. This is a worrying issue, since Samsung experienced exactly the same problem with the Galaxy Note 7. The fault was so widespread that the company was forced to pull all Note 7 devices from the market. Anything concerning battery is likely to stir up some very negative press, so Apple is probably aware just how bad this could turn out.

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