The annoying inconsistency beginning to show across S60 devices

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December 4, 2008

This is probably a minor issue for most users, however it’s something I’ve noticed.

Nokia is trying to get more and more of us to buy their S60 devices because s60 is ‘open to new features’ and Nokia can support these devices with cool apps & services like ones in Ovi or in the downloads store.

However, the level of consistent experience across the family of currently available devices is missing.

For example, one of the really great things I love about Nokia S60 is they way support those us that use Mac OS X. You can go here[ and Nokia will provide you with software that will make your phone work with iSync and also sync your multimedia content with iPhoto…..except if you happen to have bought:

6220 Classic

Yeap, if you’ve gone out and bought an FP2 device then it’s not supported except that the N96 and N78 are supported and they are both FP2  Why??

I can only assume the baseline used for the 6220 classic, N85 and N79 has branched away significantly from the others.

Now let’s have a look at Nokia’s beta Labs apps.
The beta labs apps are exactly what they say they are; apps available for your phone that are still not finished.
So let me say in advance that i am being a bit churlish moaning about this but bear with me a minute…..

Nokia’s Email Service allows the user to get the push mail experience on their phone using their ordinary webmail account like Hotmail, yahoo, etc
Compatible phones are:

Nokia E51, E61, E61i , E65, E66, E71, E90, N73, N78, N82, N95, N95 8GB

But apparently not 6220 classic, N96, N85, 5800 ME, N79.

Friendview is a pretty cool location-based social netwroking app available for
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6210 Navigator, N95, N95 8GB, N82, N96, E71, E90, N80 and E61.

But possibly not the 6220 classic, N96, N85, 5800 ME, N79.

Nokia Maps 3.0 is the latest version of Nokia Maps offering a much enhanced interface. The web page states

Maps 3.0Beta works with all Nokia devices based on S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (see devices) except N96, where we have still known compatibility issues. S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 support coming soon.

So it supports the latest phones but not the latest one most people are likely to have – the N96

On top of all of this S60 v5 devices are are now available in some parts of Europe and over here in Jan/Feb

AAS have reviewed the 5800 and the latest part of this review looks into compatibility issues for apps on touch screen V5.

In real world usage, leaving aside SIS installation issues and device specific requirements, I’ve found that about 25% of applications run without any problems, 15% or so have minor problems (but are still usable), and 60% do not run, have a major failure or are unuseable without the presence of keys.

So it seems that there are very few of Nokia’s latest launches that are fully supported by the ecosystem that Nokia has spent so much time building up and crowing about.

Ofcourse the ironic thing is that Nokia’s s/w support system is still light years ahead of most of their direct competitors.

Apple are good but essentially only have 2 models to support and one active one at that.
Motorola provide pretty much no support for either theor WM or UIQ phones.
Samsung have yet to provide any new f/w on their much-acclaimed i8510 and certainly don’t have any value add apps and services worth crowing about.
Ditto LG, HTC (WinMob) et al.

Now the HTC/T-Mobile G1 has a bunch of after-market apps you can buy and f/w upgrades and AKAIK it all works rather well.
It will be interesting to see how compatible apps are with all the different android phones which scurry out towards us 2nd half of 2009.

However, Nokia are in a class of theor own and don’t mind letting you know about it if you talk to them.
So start acting like you’re in a class of your own and get the s/w compatibility issues fixed please.

This time next year, more competitors will have launched apps and services propositions and I might able to compare like with like.

Maybe, just maybe, Nokia will be found wanting.

Read more here and give your own opinion

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