Tesco launching its own 4G service for £2.50 extra a month

Jamie Feltham
October 17, 2013

As of today Tesco Mobile users can enjoy 4G connectivity. That is if they’re willing to at an extra £2.50 onto their contract a month.

Anyone on a current Tesco Mobile contract can access the super faster network, which uses O2’s own network. That means right now it’s limited to London, Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Sheffield, though expansions will be coming throughout the rest of the year.

The company has also crafted something it calls ‘flexi-bendi’ tariffs in which you can turn 4G on and off at no extra cost. Data can go anywhere between 500MB to 8GB a month.

The company plans to add pay as you go coverage in the new year, joining EE which launch such a service yesterday. This news combined with the recent announcement of the company’s very own tablet, the Hudl, shows Tesco standing its ground in the mobile market. What else could the company have in store?

Well… not literally in-store. It has lots of things in those. Oh you know what we mean.

Source: CNET

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