Tablets, smartphones and eReaders in list of top Christmas gifts for 2013

Jamie Feltham
December 3, 2013

Board games and handmade gifts will be more popular Christmas presents this year than tablets and smartphones, research from Gocompare has found.

According to the comparison website, seven per cent of people in the UK are expecting to receive a tablet for Christmas, with four per cent expecting a smartphone as a gift.

This is compared with 17 per cent who think they will get a “traditional board game or toy” and nine per cent who think they’ll get a handmade gift.

Four per cent think they will get a Kindle or other e-Reader, with the same proportion expecting a laptop.

The survey of over 2,000 UK adults also revealed that on average people are planning to spend a total of £367 on Christmas including presents, parties, cards, food and drink.

In addition to new clothing (50 per cent), books (39 per cent) and perfume or aftershave (37 per cent), other items likely to be found under the Christmas tree this year include cash (34 per cent), DVDs (33 per cent), alcohol (30 per cent) and CDs (26 per cent). customer insight manager Claire Peate said: “Our survey suggests that this year people are more likely to be exchanging traditional rather than technological gifts, with books, films and perfumes being popular choices. Just over a third of people (34 per cent) say they will give cash, allowing recipients to choose their own present, rather than buying them something they don’t want.”

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