Sygic releases multi-platform Mobile Maps 10 navigation app

Jonathan Morris
September 23, 2010

Sygic has launched Mobile Maps 10 for Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. The software is supplied on a microSDHC memory card, with prices starting at £40 for UK & Ireland maps.

A version containing maps of the whole of Europe is available for £70, pre-loaded on the memory card.

It will also be possible to download the app from each application store and install on an existing memory card.

Key Features

  • Latest TeleAtlas maps
  • 7-digit post codes for UK
  • Safety camera warnings
  • Railway Crossings
  • Clear road signs and lane assistance
  • Auto day/night modes
  • Voice guidance in 30 languages
  • Millions of Points Of Interest (POIs)
  • Multi-stop route planning
  • Avoid traffic with a single click
  • Customisable navigation screen

Sygic has a five-year history in providing navigation software, starting with standalone (PND) devices for in-car use licensed to other hardware manufacturers.

Supported devices and more information:

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