Stephen Elop would consider selling Xbox if he was CEO of Microsoft

Jamie Feltham
November 8, 2013

The future of Xbox in Microsoft’s hands is in a slightly worrying position at the moment. There seem to be multiple, influential sources within the company that think it’s a waste of time, and should be sold. One of those people could even be potential-CEO Stephen Elop.

A Bloomberg report suggests that Elop is prepping big plans for the company, should he take charge. First off he’d make a push for Office on Android and iOS. Apparently he would move the Office model away from being Windows PC-focussed.

Elsewhere, Elop is allegedly considering saying goodbye to some of the company’s arms, including Xbox and Bing. That would involve selling Xbox and outright killing Bing.

Earlier in the week we reported that Microsoft co-founder suggested doing the very same.

It strikes us as odd that this kind of talk hasn’t been shut down by Microsoft, especially surrounding the imminent launch of the Xbox One. Stephen Elop is just one of five potential candidates for the Microsoft top spot. Let’s hope they don’t all have similar plans for the gaming division.

Source: Bloomberg

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