Spotify now has a map that tracks your music tastes

Thomas Wellburn
July 14, 2015

Spotify has unleashed a handy tool that allows users to quickly check listening habits from around the globe.

The streaming service uses the information to create tailored playlists for different parts of the globe. Rather than just keeping it locked into an internal spreadsheet, Spotify has decided to plot it on a neat little interactive map that anyone can use to see what music is popular in different countries. Zooming into specific cities allows you to listen to a personalised playlist which represents the listening habits enjoyed in that area. We struggled to get it working, presumably due to high server load at the time of writing. Still, we did manage to open up a Croydon playlist which ranged from weird progressive metal to grime and Dubstep.

Spotify has said that they will update the playlist ‘twice per month’, meaning you should get fresh songs for your area on a bi-weekly basis! Each update apparently involves analysing around 20 billion listener habits, which is no small task. I wonder if there’s any Shed Seven floating around the York playlist…


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