Sony shifts over a million PlayStation 4 consoles in 24 hours

Jordan O'Brien
November 18, 2013

If you were sceptical about this generation’s ability to sell, then let Sony be the first to prove you wrong – announcing that it has sold over a million PS4 consoles in the first 24 hours of availability. Want to know something even more impressive? The PlayStation 4 is currently only available in North America.

Sony could be benefitting from the early release ahead of the Xbox One, which goes on sale in more countries later this week. Of course Sony has higher goals than just one million consoles, with its sights set on five million sales by the end of this fiscal year – which happens to be March.

Microsoft is hoping that it can replicate the success of the PS4 in the early days, with the company historically doing very well in North America, whilst Sony sees its riches predominantly elsewhere. Nintendo struggled in North America upon the launch of the Wii U, selling just 400,000 units within a week – but it looks like people are far more excited about the true next-generation consoles.

The PlayStation 4 isn’t set to arrive until late next week in the UK and other nations, but the Xbox One will be launching in 13 countries this Friday.

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