Sony match Microsoft with 1TB PS4 reveal

Thomas Wellburn
June 22, 2015

Sony has today announced via their European blog that they plan to release a 1TB PS4 variant across Europe on July 15th.

After Microsoft finally gave people what they wanted and revealed a 1TB Xbox One, all eyes were on Sony to see if they matched the reveal. Today on its European blog, the company has done just that and revealed a new “Ultimate Player Edition” PS4 with double storage which will debut across Europe on July 15th.

500GB Refresh

The company has also revealed a few other pieces of information this morning regarding the original 500GB model. Sony says they have managed to tweak the design to make it 10 percent lighter and 8 percent more power efficient vs. the previous model. It will also featured a matted finish rather than the glossy cover that you can find on current models.

App Improvements

Finally, the company has also updated its iOS and Android apps with the ability to enter PSN giftcards and promo codes, meaning you don’t need to use your PS4 for redemption. They’ve also added the ability to display comments within the application while streaming, a nifty way of giving you a full-screen streaming experience while retaining full functionality.

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