Sony Ericsson goes for sheer Pureness

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September 4, 2009

Sold under the ‘Xperia’ brand, previously thought to be for smartphones only the Sony Ericsson Pureness is a rather interesting handset that isn’t just a concept – but something that really will be hitting selected stores (SIM-free only) at the end of November.

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Priced at around £600, the key feature is the monochrome transparent display. Turn the phone around and you see everything in reverse – as will everyone else that can see you using the phone. If Sony Ericsson had partnered with LG, we might have seen a phone that was completely invisible..

Our sister title, Mobile News, was able to go and have a play with a working model last night and first impressions are positive, especially if you look beyond the clever screen – which of course you can because it’s see through.

Exact availability is yet to be announced, but expect deals with department stores and the like – not your local Phones 4U selling it on a contract.


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