Snuggle Truck game review

Chris James
June 21, 2011

Initially a victim of Apple’s certification process, Snuggle Truck (formally Smuggle Truck) managed to make it past the censors by changing the subjects of the game from Mexicans illegally entering the US border for a better life and healthcare to cute, fluffy animals hoping to reach a zoo for a better life (and healthcare, still).

It’s a good thing it did finally manage to make it onto the platform, as Snuggle Truck is a deliciously comic and tricky game, in which careful acceleration and balance of your truck is the order of the day.

Get a jump wrong or land awkwardly and the many fluffy friends in the back of the vehicle will flip out the back with hilarious ragdoll physics.

It can be frustratingly hard at times – the little animals seemingly weigh the same as a feather – but it’s worth persevering with.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Platform iPhone / iPad

Price £1.79

From App Store

Publisher Owlchemy Labs

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