Sky Mobile hits three million customers

Megan Robinson
November 24, 2022

Brits could save an average of £7 per person per month with Sky Mobile due to the ability to roll spare data

Sky Mobile has announced it has hit three million customers and is now the fastest-growing mobile provider in the UK.

Kester Mann, analyst, CCS Insight, commented on the news: “Sky Mobile should be congratulated on reaching three million customers in an already saturated market.

“It is a notable achievement given that total mobile connections in the UK have only grown around 5% since Sky Mobile launched five and a half years ago.”

Unused data

Following this milestone, Sky Mobile has also published new research which highlights the impact unused data has.

Called ‘the data consumption gap’, Brits lose around £3bn every year due to having unused mobile phone data trashed at the end of the month.

Sky Mobile allows customers to roll the data they don’t use and store it in a piggy bank for up to three years, which enables them to use it later, share with friends or exchange for rewards.

The average mobile user in the UK is losing 94GB of paid data each year- equating to a loss of £84 a year per person and a total loss of £3bn.

The research reveals that Brits have 44 per cent of their data left over at the end of every month, but 39pc say they pay for more data in case they run out.

As 52pc say they want to spend less on their mobile contract during the cost of living, Sky is encouraging Brits to check their mobile plans to see how much data they are using and whether they can switch contracts.

Paul Sweeney, managing director, Sky Mobile said: “At a time where we are all trying to alleviate financial pressures, it’s more important than ever to ensure your mobile contract provides good value. We should all be checking our contracts to ensure our mobile provider is giving us the flexibility to evolve as our needs do.”

“Our focus from the beginning has been about creating value and fairness for our customers and this is what we continue to do day in, day out for our three million customers.”


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