Sim Only Deals You Don’t Want To Miss This Season

Kim Dawkins
December 5, 2019

If you are at the nick of the end of your contract and do not want to trash your old phone, SIM-only deals are a cheap bargain that can get you covered. Not only are the best SIM-only deals cheap, but they can also give you rolling 30-day contracts.

It means that if you wish to ditch your contract later, you could do so without being tied by the contract for years. The other great reason to choose SIM only is that the deals are offered by most large networks ranging from O2, EE, BT, Vodafone, Virgin and Three.

Understanding SIM Only

Your phone can only function when fed with a little chip known as a sim card. Without this chip, you cannot connect to any phone network, make calls or access your apps. Should you purchase a phone on a contract, you can expect a sim card from your network provider. However, if you wish to buy a sim-free phone or plan to switch networks after your contract expires, look for a SIM-only deal.

Which Network Should you Choose?

If you obtained your phone on contract, the first thing to consider is the network. Some phones are purely locked to specific networks, meaning that if your phone is locked on BT; for example, it cannot accept any other network. It doesn’t mean that the phone cannot accept another SIM, but the network must be lock removed before use.

Watch out on the amount of coverage for your preferred broadband choices before committing. You want a sim that can cover you where you will be. When comparing SIM-only deals, focus on the data offered, the length of the contract, price, and the inclusive minutes. Out of all these factors, the most important is the length of the contract. If you cannot predict your monthly usage, sim only contract may be your ultimate solution.

Top SIM-Only Deals

When it comes to the best sim only deals, 2019 black Friday is perhaps the right time to be an excellent money saver. If big data means anything to you, there are several tariffs set to excite you, including the following.

Three SIMO

Three is the leading network in the UK for several reasons. This network offers unlimited data, calls and texts for 12 months at only 18 euros. Here, you get a length of the contract of up to 24 months. The deal also includes a data roaming service known as Go Roam. It’s no- extra charge roaming extends to 71 other destinations, including the USA.


Plusnet offers unlimited minutes and texts and comes with exclusive bonuses. The bonuses offered are used to upgrade existing plans.


This one offers unlimited minutes and texts. Your plan may, however not be renewed each month automatically. It may be excellent, especially if you plan on changing the package. Should you plan on using the same allowance monthly, you could enable the recurring of payments on your account.


This one comes with a 12 months contract, 5000 minutes and unlimited texts. Here, SIM-only has Data Rollover, meaning if you do not exhaust your data, it is added to your allowance for the month that follows.


Smarty offers unlimited minutes and texts. It runs a refer a friend scheme whereby each time you recommend someone to join the network, you both enjoy a free month plan.


Vodafone offers unlimited minutes and texts. It also gives exclusive offers to its users. The more expensive sim only plans include other extras such as subscription streaming services.

Sim only deals are available for almost all phones. However, the biggest savings can be acquired with high-end handsets. It means that buying your sim and phone separately can save you money, especially when you want to switch networks.



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