Shazam uses QT to bring app to new Nokia platforms

Jonathan Morris
January 17, 2011

While consumers probably have little reason to care about what QT is, the new development environment is helping developers roll out apps quicker, and for multiple platforms. Shazam is the latest app to switch.

With the new QT version of Shazam, one app can be produced for multiple platforms. In this case, the Nokia Symbian platform (including the N8, C7, C6-01 and E7) and also the forthcoming MeeGo platform that will be showcased in February at Mobile World Congress.

Shazam for QT offers YouTube videos, Shazam Tag charts and tour information for tagged artists, as well as allowing users to buy music via the Ovi Music store.

The app will be preinstalled on new Nokia N8 models, and will offer a 30-day trial when downloaded for the first time. After the free period, users can switch to the free service with a maximum of five tags per month, or pay a one-time fee of £2.99.

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