Samsung’s brand grows 51% – but Apple’s still tops

Alex Walls
May 21, 2013

A study in the value of company’s brands has found that while Samsung’s brand value has rocketed, Apple is still number one.

Mobile technology as a whole was leading brand value, with Apple and Google the most valuable, and second most valuable brands over all in the list.

Millward Brown Optimor released its BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study which ranks and analyses the value of brands in the world, by calculating brand value based on a company’s financial value, from financial releases, and a research which covered two million consumers and more than 10,000 different brands in more than 30 countries.   For more on methodology, see here.

The report found that Samsung’s brand grew a whopping 51% to be worth $US21,404 million ( £14,111 million), compared with last year.     Overall Samsung was the 30th most valuable brand, and was the seventh most valuable technology brand.

But Apple was still, unsurprisingly, the most valuable technology brand, and the most valuable global brand over all, at $US185,071 million.   However the company only grew 1% on last year.

Number two was Google, both in the technology and overall global brand value stakes, coming in with worth of $US113, 669 million, up 5% from last year.

Microsoft was fourth in the technology sector and seventh overall, coming in with a brand value of $US69,814 million, down 9% from last year.

The technology category declined by 1% compared with last year, which Millward Brown Optimor said reflected the fact that many brands released new versions of old products last year rather than launching any major new innovations.

Millward Brown Optimor vice president Robin Headless said Apple was still worth eight times more than Samsung in spite of negative investors’ sentiment and slip in stock price because of its brand strength.

“Brand is Apple’s secret weapon – its ability to innovate and remain relevant to consumer challenges in an increasingly fast changing and competitive market.   Despite a more competitive marketplace, Apple’s ability to maintain its no.1 position demonstrates the value that having a strong brand to businesses.”

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