Samsung to hold Galaxy and Ativ premiere event

Alex Walls
May 28, 2013

Samsung has announced a Galaxy and Ativ “premiere” on June 20th.

The invitation doesn’t give much away – as shown, there are four squares with some plain edges and what looks like a flip cover a la a laptop at bottom left.

I’m waiting for the days when invitations become so sparse in order to bolster marketing buzz that just a date and time are displayed, with perhaps one unfathomable word in the bottom right corner; perhaps ‘Red Herring’, ‘Pineapple’ or as suggested by our What Mobile head of design, ‘Illuminati’ (see What Mobile’s mock up; note that it’s so mysterious, the day and date don’t match up – FOR THIS YEAR).PR-invite-web

At any rate, media are  reporting that the event will see the announcement of new Galaxy and Ativ devices, with Endgadget guessing possibly a phone, camera and laptop based on the images shown.

Samsung of course released the Ativ S running Windows Phone 8, which What Mobile reviewed here, giving the device four stars (but we didn’t much like the operating system), and odds are new Windows Phone and Android devices will be on show at the event.

What Mobile will be on hand to clear up the mystery and, of course, try out any secret knocks or passwords which may be required to enter.

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