Samsung Releases BlueBorne Security Update For Galaxy S6

Thomas Wellburn
October 2, 2017

Samsung has rushed out a security update for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge devices which addresses the BlueBorne vulnerability.

This update does not include any new features or enhancements. It’s only purpose is to fix a very dangerous vulnerability called ‘BlueBorne’, which allows hackers remote access to a Bluetooth-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet. BlueBorne works by stealing the physical address of an electronic device and posing as a fake. Hackers often use this to spread into other devices and install backdoor malware.

Netherlands is the first country to receive the upgrade. Other countries in Europe are expected to follow shortly, including Germany and the UK.

To get the update manually, go to “settings” then select “software update”. If it’s available for your device, you should see it.

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