Samsung pushes the boundaries of innovation by taking consumers to the edge of space

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October 18, 2019

The SpaceSelfie mission is Samsung’s latest out-of-this-world technological feat with the Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung announced a bold, out-of-this-world mission as it launches the Galaxy S10 5G 65,000 feet above the earth to give consumers the chance to get their face in space.

For the past five decades, Samsung has provided consumers with the latest innovations in screen technology: from Curved TVs, to dual edge display and foldable smartphones. Now, working alongside aerospace partner Flightline Films, Samsung is taking its technology above the earth and giving consumers the chance to get their very own ‘SpaceSelfie’ on a Samsung screen.

Through SpaceSelfie, Samsung is demonstrating the pioneering spirit of its brand and setting a new standard for the potential of mobile technology. With over 200 hours at 65,000 feet above the earth, the S10 5G will showcase the strength of Samsung’s innovations and how it continues to design products that make what was previously impossible, possible.

“To celebrate the amazing things happen on Samsung screens we decided to take selfies to a new level and give people a chance to get their face in space,” says Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Europe. “We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and with SpaceSelfie, we will show that amazing things continue to happen using Samsung technology – even from the edge of space.”

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