Samsung patents vein scanning technology

Thomas Wellburn
February 8, 2016

Samsung has just licensed a patent that could allow vein scanning in future versions of their smartwatches.

It seems Samsung could be exploring new ways to authenticate its users, with the Korean electronics giant taking out a patent for smartwatch-based vein scanning technology. The idea is pretty sophisticated, with a light source on the back of the hand to monitor veins and a camera to physically read the structure. The technology is already used by the FBI and CIA, with many regarding it more secure than traditional fingerprint scanners. There are perhaps a couple of issues regarding the tech though, with tattoo’s obstructing the image being a potential problem.


The technology will likely be integrated into future smartwatches, though this isn’t without its problems. Samsung may need to design two variants for both left and right-handed people, depending on if the technology is orientation dependant. Obviously, any buttons on the device could also be affected in the same way, but we think it’s likely that Samsung will use the wheel interface used on the excellent Gear S2.

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