Samsung Overtakes Apple in Latest Financial Results

Thomas Wellburn
September 25, 2017

After having a difficult time last year, Samsung has managed to again trump Apple and regain their place as the number one mobile manufacturer.

Korean market researcher FnGuide reported that profit is expected to reach a record 15.5 trillion won (roughly £10 billion) in the fourth quarter. This is a marked improvement from three months ago and much better than the earlier estimation of 1.47 trillion won. With the company’s rise coming primarily from  semiconductor and memory chips, it could even rise further still.  Roh Geun-chang, an analyst at HMC Investment & Securities, said, “Judging by a rise in demand, Samsung operating profits could rise as high as 16.4 trillion won,”.

This figure means that Samsung is once again the number one electronics manufacturer, surpassing Apple who reported $11.03 billion (£8.15 billion) profit. After the difficulty surrounding last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch, it seems that the company has recovered well and is back on top.

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