Samsung is Now the Most Valuable Brand in Asia

Thomas Wellburn
September 26, 2017

Samsung’s path to dominance continues, as US consultancy firm Interbrand listed the company ahead of Toyota as Asia’s most valuable brand.

The latest report of 2017 Best Global brands by Interbrand list the company number six on the scale, ahead of every other Asian company out there. This is hot on the news that Samsung is expected to topple Apple for profit revenue in Q2 2017, making them the most profitable company worldwide for that quarter. Previously, Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota was the most valuable Asian brand. Both of these companies rose ahead of US technology company IBM, who dropped from 6th place to 10th this year. The top five is still dominated by US brands, with Apple and Google topping the charts by a significant margin.

This, in addition with yesterdays news, offers yet more positive news for Samsung. The Korean electronics giant faced difficulties last year with the Galaxy Note 7, causing significant loses and negative press. Success of the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 handsets has mostly counteracted this, with the company once again recording record profits since the handsets on sale.

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