Samsung glowing ring might be on the S8

Manny Pham
June 30, 2016

The Samsung glowing ring feature is called Smart Glow and will debut on the Samsung J2, when released in India. Smart Glow is a notifications indicator.

Smart Glow offers a notification light alternative, to the LED light seen usually on the front of Samsung devices. It will surround the rear camera hump and will blink multiple different colours, when notifications come flying in, according to SamMobile.

The Smart Glow ring will also be included in future Samsung devices, making the S8 a potential candidate as well. It will be interesting to see Samsung include Smart Glow as its on the camera hump, and Samsung has included an always-on-screen with the Galaxy S7. Users would preferably keep the S8 on its back to make use of the always-on-screen, well, if Samsung retains the feature.

The selfie game will change

samsung glowing ring diagram

According to SamMobileSmart Glow ring will at first give three types of notifications: priority alerts, usage alerts, and selfie assist. The latter will assist in taking selfies with the usually more powerful rear camera.

Selfie assist works by using facial recognition software and will glow blue once a face is detected in the rear camera’s view. Two seconds after a face is detected, a picture would be automatically taken.

You can also assign a colour to specific contacts trying to contact you via text or calls. Smart Glow will apparently gain more functionality as more devices adopt it. The notification centre could include a weather ring and health ring, the former indicates the weather and the latter is for user heart-rate.

The Samsung glowing ring will be included on the Samsung J2, which will be available in India. We would not be surprised at all to see it on future Samsung devices, including the S8.

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