Samsung Gear S2 has got a new QWERTY keyboard

Thomas Wellburn
January 5, 2016

A new application has been released on the Galaxy App Store which enhances the typing experience on the Gear S2.

The Samsung Gear S2 is a formidable smartwatch that managed to capture many peoples hearts with its inclusion of the Tizen operating system and a very intuitive jog-wheel controlled interface. That said, there’s always the possibility of problems when trying to use a lesser known operating system and pitching against giants such as Android. One such area is app development, a scourge that can effect even the most seasoned companies. Just ask Microsoft and Windows Phone.


Still, this hasn’t stopped the Gear S2 from doing pretty well in the app front, with a fair amount of interest being shown in the last few months. One of the newest apps to be released for the Gear S2 is Agile Keyboard, which finally gives users of the wearable a full QWERTY keyboard to enhance their typing abilities. It’s currently available through the Galaxy App Store and includes a T9 predictive engine thrown in for good measure; just in case the built-in Samsung version isn’t good enough for you.

Changing to the keyboard is easy – simply head to settings and then input menu to use the new app. It’s well worth a look and is surprisingly easy to use considering the tiny 1.2-inch display.

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