Samsung Galaxy S7 might have a new body

Manny Pham
October 20, 2015

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 may feature a new body type, departing from the S6’s aluminium body. 

Aluminium has a had a bad reputation since Apple’s ‘bendgate’ disaster with the iPhone 6. Apple however stuck with the Aluminium this year with 7000-series Aluminium. Which has so far proven to be resilient as complaints are down from last year.

The S6 itself has also utilised aluminium efficiently, giving the body sleek shiny look that has gone down well with consumers. But now rumours have surfaced that the Galaxy S7 will use a magnesium alloy body and glass panel back. Sony’s Z5 uses a glass back and the S7 could perhaps utilise something similar.

The magnesium alloy is reported to be stronger and much more durable than aluminium. Other rumours surrounding the S7 is that it will feature a 5.7-inch display, a Snapdragon 820/Exynos M1 SoC, and a dual camera.

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