Samsung Galaxy S7 front panel leaked

Manny Pham
January 4, 2016

With the announcement of the S7 getting ever so imminent, leaks of the device is expected to come through until the predicted reveal at MWC in February. 

s7 pair

The new leak reveals what we expected in terms of designs, there is little change but there is a noticeable improvement. The bezels on the sides are now thinner giving the screen more room. To differentiate the look of the S7 from the S6, Samsung might be using squared edges instead of the rounded edges seen on the S6.

Aside from bezel thickness and edge shape there doesn’t seem to be any other differences, sensors are still situated in the same places. What can be said is that it looks really similar to the Galaxy Note 5 on the left of the picture below.

s7 pair 2

We can expect a reveal at the end of February at Mobile World Congress or even earlier if Samsung decide to hold their own conference.

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Via Phone Arena.

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