Samsung confirms ‘curved display’ smartphone launching in October

Jordan O'Brien
September 25, 2013

Samsung seems to love curves, with the company announcing a huge curved OLED TV earlier this year, yet now it’s bring that curvature to its smartphone lineup — at least that’s according to the company’s head of marketing D.J. Lee.

During a press event in South Korea last night, Lee confirmed to reporters that Samsung “plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October.” Whilst that doesn’t mean much for those of us here on the Western hemisphere, it has been rumoured that the South Korean giant is planning on launching a flexible version of the Note 3 — although it’s not known whether this is what Lee was referring to.

Prototypes of flexible phones have previously been shown off, with companies such as Nokia and Samsung throwing their weight behind the idea — but we have yet seen one come to market. That should change soon though, if Lee is indeed correct about the October time frame.

Source: Reuters

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