Rumour Round Up: Is the PureView Windows Phone nigh?

Alex Walls
February 4, 2013

Lo! The arrival of the PureView Windows Phone 8 could be imminent.

The device would be the first PureView Windows Phone proper, with a similar sensor to that in the Nokia 808 PureView handset, the Verge reported, but without the all-but-dead Symbian operating system.

Yes, the Lumia 920 was billed as PureView but it was missing that 41MP “By the Power of Greyskull!” sensor, the Guardian reported.

This upgraded sensor would see the phone billed as a high-end Lumia, the Verge said.

The new phone, codenamed “EOS” or, Electro-Optical System, would launch in the United States later in the year, TrustedReviews said.

Reviewed in What Mobile’s September issue, the PureView 808 uses pixel oversampling technology, which captured several pixels for each pixel and combined them into a so-called ‘super pixel’.

In ultra layman’s terms, it averages out a larger amount of picture data to provide a more accurate, sharper picture.

The new device would sport an aluminium body and square edges in a design overhaul, the Verge said.

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