Rumour: Apple to launch cut-price iPhone 4?

Jonathan Morris
July 28, 2011

While everyone continues to ask when the iPhone 5 is coming out (answer: we don’t know, but it’s probably September), there are now pictures that appear to show that when the new iPhone does eventually get a release, it may also get a cheaper iPhone 4 replacement to take the place of the iPhone 3GS as the ‘affordable’ alternative.

Now the photos could be faked, but assuming they’re real then the ‘new’ iPhone 4 is supposedly slimmer and made of cheaper materials (like plastic replacing the iPhone 4 glass front and rear). It’s probably had a redesign of the antenna too, but that is merely our own speculation – in case we get more false rumours flying around the net.

Alternatively, the whole phone could be a fake – but that’s rather unlikely as iPhone clones are usually running some totally awful operating system and with incredibly low-resolution displays. If it’s a fake, it’s a bloody good one.

When a new iPhone is launched, the old model continues to be sold as a ‘classic’ model, at a lower price. Why Apple would seek to actually modify the design is confusing, especially given its reputation for using premium materials, so we shall have to wait and see.



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