Review: SUDIO ETT True Wireless Earphones

Stephen Watson
April 14, 2020

The Sudio ETT True Wireless Earphones Available for $159 via

The brand Sudio is a relatively new brand for us at What Mobile with the last review being the Sudio Fem. In this review, we have been sent the latest creation the Sudio ETT.

The Sudio ETT has now got active noise cancellation technology and wireless charging. Costing $159 and available in four colours: Black, White, Green & Pink.

In the box you are given the following: 

  • 8 pairs of ear tips – XL – XS
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User Manual
  • Charging case + Buds

The main features of these buds are the fact they are Bluetooth 5.0 allowing you to use these earbuds away from your phone with a range of up to 10m. These buds also come with IPX5 rating meaning they are splash-proof and sweat-proof meaning they are good in the gym or if you happen to be walking from home from and it starts to rain a little your be fine.   

As mentioned above you get 8 pairs of ear tips meaning you will have the perfect size as this helps with the ANC we will discuss later. The buds come with a transparency mode which allows a little ambient noise through so the buds allow you to hear your self speak. 

These buds come with ANC technology that allows you to block out any ambient noise when in use. When testing these out I was very happy and found they cancelled out 90% of outside noise which has been great when out cycling.

Moving to the battery the buds offer 6 hours playtime or 4 hours with ANC switched on. They also come with the charging case that gives you 4 extra charges giving you 24 hours in total which is decent for a pair of buds. On the case, you have 4 LED’s that shows how many changes you have in the case. 

When you have used all that battery life the case can be charged up in 90 minutes and what I really like about these is if you have a wireless charging pad just place the charging and the LED’s will flash and that will show you they are charging.

Moving on the buds they are shaped like a airpods but have a button in the centre on the bud and all you have to do is press the button a number of times to do a particular instruction such as: 

  • 1 Click – Play/Pause
  • 1Click – To answer a call or cancel a call.
  • 2 Clicks – Skip track
  • 3 Clicks – Rewind a track
  • Hold for 2 secs to switch on ANC.

Pairing these earbuds for the first time is a walk in the park as they will automatically start to pair when you take out of the charging case and click pair on your phone and bingo you can enjoy music. 

As for the sound quality, the Sudio ETT come with 10mm drivers which deliver a fuller and dynamic sound profile. Unfortunately over the testing period, we have been met by the global lockdown aka the coronavirus meaning testing these in our office or a busy cafe at lunchtime was not possible due to the lockdown. So we can only test these when out on our daily exercise allowed by the UK government.  

The sound quality in these earbuds are excellent you get a warm tone and the mids are nice and this adds to a natural feel. You get a punchy bass but its never over the top even when listening to some Red Hot Chilli Peppers. You will notice the vocals are clean & detailed all making a nice balanced sound profile. 

Overall, The Sudio ETT are a very good pair of earphones that really are true wireless. They do not cost that much at $159 These earbuds offer IPX5 meaning you have some protection from water damage. They also give you that wireless charging which is a great addition to a decent pair of earphones. The only negative I have about these buds is you can only control the volume via your smart assistant or via your phone.

The style of these earphones are decent and the fact you can get 24 hours playback or 16 hours with the ANC switched on I don’t think you can complain.

The audio quality is very good with a warm balanced sound and the use of ANC allows for an excellent audio experience. The Sudio ETT also has an ambient mode for when talking calls this allows some outside noise in so you can hear yourself better and do not need to shout.    These are great for anyone who wants a wireless alternative to the Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy Buds. As the Sudio ETT works on both Andriod & IOS.

Review ratings:

  • Design- 4 Stars
  • Features- 4 Stars
  • Audio Quality- 5 Stars
  • Value for Money- 4 Stars

Overall Rating – 4 Stars

The Sudio ETT True Wireless Earphones Available for $159 via If you use the code Ett15 you get 15% off.


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