Review: Monster iSport Victory Bluetooth Headphones

Stephen Watson
December 6, 2018

Monster iSport Victory Bluetooth Headphones- £99.95 from

The Brand Monster you might recognise from when we have reviewed the S100 and S200 SuperStar speakers. Well, the brand also does much more and we have got our hands on iSport Victory Bluetooth headphones. These bad boys retail at £99.95 on Amazon and I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

These headphones are designed for those who enjoy music while in the gym or on a long cycle ride. They have the following features:

  • Sweat Resistant
  • Sports Friendly headphones
  • Eight-hour battery life
  • Two sound profiles

The iSport Victory headphones come in 3 different colours Green, Black & Blue.  Now as mentioned the cost is £99.95 but on Amazon, each colour has a slightly different price.  For this review, we got sent the black pair.

Now the design of these are great the earphones are connected by a two-toned cable almost snake-like design the material is a reflective material which helps you be spotted in the dark. The cable is very light which for great for working out. The length of the cable is a good length and as a small cable tidy to adjust the length if you require.

The headphones also come with a small travel bag and also Micro-USB and a bag of different size earbuds.

Towards the right-hand earphone is the in-line remote control that doubles up as the microphone. It does weigh things down which could bother some people but I did not think it was that much of a big deal.  The remote control is the brains of these headphones and allows you to change track and volume the buttons are raised making it easy to press the right button and even a friend of mine who is blind also thought the raised buttons was a nice touch.

The headphones are held with sports wingtips that lodge securely into your ears they are made of silicone and I found them very comfortable even when used for a long period of time not only did I use these working out but also for the trip on the train home and not once did they hurt my ears.

Now the unique selling point for these earphones are the offer two sound profiles and to change between profiles simply hold the volume buttons for 3 seconds. The turbo mode really pumps up the bass so if you are working hard this extra bass will pump you to the max its also good for blocking out some noise if you have a noisy gym or them oddballs that feel the need to make extra noise when weightlifting.

The iSport Victory also allows you to make and receive calls as the microphone which is built in the remote and when I made a call my voice was heard perfectly. The connectivity also is very good allowing you to have a distance of 15 meters away from your device but most people keep their phone on their person so I was not really worried about this feature but is also did help keep the Bluetooth connection and made sure we got no dropouts when listening to your music.

Finally, the battery life was stated as 8 hours and it achieved just that which I can’t say anything bad about they did what they said.  In terms of charging the micro-USB port can be found on the side bottom left of the remote.

So overall,  if your looking for a pair of headphones that can handle you sweating and allow you to use the remote with ease these should be a real consideration.  The USP is the turbo node for our bass fans but you do lose some of the mids when in turbo mode.  If your consideration is will these stay in my ears then you have a winner here and with the passive noise cancellation while in the gym at just under £100 you have a great pair of headphones in my view.

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