Review: Mixcder E7 ANC Headphones

Stephen Watson
September 3, 2019

Available from Amazon for £45.99

Here is the third creation we had the chance to review from the brand Mixcder and it’s in the shape of the E7’s and they come with ANC and have a great style which is fantastic for a pair of headphones for the cost.

These headphones come in 3 different colours black, green and orange and in this review we had the green pair. You will notice on amazon the black pair cost £41.99 compared to the 2 colours at £45.99.

Packaging wise you get the normal black and blue packaging like you have with the E9’s in the box you get the hardshell travel case, Micro USB cable and 3.5 mm Jack as well as the user guide and warranty which is for 1 full year.

The E7’s as you might expect are made of plastic apart from the headband that has a metal frame, not an aluminium frame as you might expect.  Design-wise these are large over-ear headphones that enclose most people’s ears and are a very comfortable fit due to the material used on the cups as they put no pressure on sensitive ear cartilage meaning you can use them for long periods of use.  What I also like is you will see a measuring chart when adjusting the headphones meaning you get a perfect size.

The negative with the headphones is that they don’t fold inwards allowing you to store them away but the cups can be turned towards you and you do have a hard case for when travelling and the headphones are not in use.

Features wise the E7’s are Bluetooth wireless headphones with the ability to use them in wired mode. The Bluetooth is version 5.0 which is the latest and I found them very good to use without any issues which are great considering the cost.

Controls on these headphones are quite simple on the left cup is the ANC switch and 3.5 mm jack port for that wired connection.  On the right cup you have the volume and power button. 

The ANC is the main feature of these headphones and unfortunately its not as great if you compare to a bose or Jabra models. They attenuate some low-frequency noise and it did reduce some outside noise and considering the price range, they do a decent job but could be a lot better. However, When ANC on the sound quality seems to improve.

The battery life of the E7’s they offer 25 hours which is great for everyday use and I found them very suitable for the day to day trip to work. What I found even better was a quick 5 min charge offers 2 hours of usage which is ideal when on the run.

Sound-wise, as mentioned with the ANC, is on the quality seems to improve when the ANC is of the sound quality is not great with a thick low mids and upper bass it creates a really poor sound. When the ANC is turned on the negatives seem to improve it, in fact, you get some great characteristics but the vocals can feel a little affected and even flat at times. Bass wise it does not get much better it feels muddy and is not controlled as they should be. 

Overall the price is low which is a good point and the headphones come with ANC but it’s not the best compared to higher-priced headphones with ANC but for the price, it’s ok and actually when ANC it improves the sound quality slightly. If you have a tight budget and are looking for a decent pair of headphones you could do a lot worse.

Available from Amazon for £45.99

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