Review: Adonit Note UVC Stylus Pen – A new stylus for the “new normal”

Stephen Watson
June 15, 2020

Adonit Note UVC Stylus Pen – $69.99/ £55.88 from 

We are currently in unprecedented times currently in lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak and with most of us have used enough hand sanitizer to sink a battleship to try and fight against this invisible killer. It has become even more important to clean surfaces and Adonit seem to have come up with a product ideal for the times we live in. 

The Adonit Note UVC is not just a stylus but it also comes with a UV lamp that helps kill bacteria left on your screen from daily use. Please note we are not saying this can kill Covid-19 but if it reduces the number of germs on a product that can surely help reduce the potential spread of germs. 

The Adonit note UVC looks very similar to previous models we have reviewed like the Adonit Note +. For example, both pens are of the same length of 6 inches. The writing tip on both pens are about 1mm and can be replaced if required. New tips can be bought on Amazon for around the £10 mark.     

On the Adonit Note UVC about a 3rd of the way up the pen, you will find the copper power button with a small LED above. Personally being left-handed I put more weight that end of the pen so I would have preferred the power button to have been at the top. 

On the other side of the power button is this products unique selling point you have two UVC lamps. I will talk about why they are unique shortly. At the end of the Pen is the micro USB port to allow you to charge. You also get a charging cable when you buy it.   

Most People will now an Apple Pencil can cost up to £119 for the 2nd Gen Apple Pen. So with many of us looking for something that would offer a real alternative but at half the price incomes Adonit. 

If yoy want to use this pen to make notes then its ideal if your a designer or artist the fact this pen offers no support for pressure sensitivity or tilt detection this won’t be for you. However for making notes on existing documents or when note-taking you won’t find much better. Writing is just natural and feels like you would be writing in the old days on paper. 

You do not get palm rejection as you might get in some other models on the market and drawing lines on the iPad is a smooth process and if you did this with an Apple Pencil you would struggle to tell the difference. 

As mentioned what makes this stylus pen unique is that after a simple tap and hold of the power button you active 2 small ultraviolet lamps that if you run over the tablet surface or a keyboard can kill 99% of germs. These germs include the likes of Salmonella & E.coli. As mentioned earlier in this review it is not a quick fix for Covid-19 but if your surfaces are clean a virus-like that cant grow. 

When using the UV function make sure you are 2cm to the screen/surface for up to a minute for it to work. Just be careful as UV light not good for your eyesight and also dangerous for your hands so don’t think this will save you buying anti-bacterial. 

The Adonit Note UVC also has a gravity sensor power-off mechanism so if the pen upwards the UV lights will turn off. Remember you get about 20mins of UV light cleaning so think about what you’re going to use.  

If you’re just using the stylus to write or draw the battery will last a full day without charging up to 12 hours of use.

Overall this pen is unique its the only one on the market that allows to clean an iPad screen or any other surface for that matter. Please remember this is also a very good stylus as it will allow for broad compatibility to other iPad models and anyone can use it as long as your device runs on iOS 12.2 and above. You also do not need to connect to Bluetooth just turn on and start writing.

So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Apple Pencil without losing much of the quality you would expect compared to other pens on the market this is a good pick. Also with the UVC functionality, it helps fight against germs that might build up on your tablet or phone.  Price-wise at £55 for the stylus pen of the quality I feel its a great investment. 

Product Rating- 5 Stars 

Adonit Note UVC Stylus Pen – $69.99/ £55.88 from

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