Reuters: Apple could launch budget iPhone, 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch models

Jordan O'Brien
June 13, 2013

Apple could be considering an expansion of its iPhone line, with bigger, more colourful and cheaper models all on the table according to Reuters.

Rumours of a smaller iPhone have circled the internet for several years, but people haven’t really considered a super sized model as being in-line with Apple’s game plan, although according to sources speaking to Reuters, 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhablets could be on their way.

A budget iPhone doesn’t come as a surprise to many, with speculation of a cheaper iPhone for the masses having come and gone time and time again. The last time this rumour surfaced though, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, Phil Schiller, categorically denied that a cheaper iPhone was in the works — affirming that it will “never be the future of Apple’s products.”

With a rumoured price of $99, it does seem like a stretch that Apple could be planning a budget iPhone — especially considering how profitable the premium device is. However Reuters sources claim that the cheaper iPhone will come with a plastic casing rather than the infamous metallic and glass of the iPhone 5.

Something else that we have heard of before is more colour options for the iPhone, with CNET reporting in May that Apple is looking to add pink, green, blue and even gold — with Reuters now adding that there will 5-6 colours to choose from.

We’re taking these reports with a large dose of salt, and we advice you to do the same, after all we’ve been here before and been let down time and time again. However, if these reports are true, then Apple could be start production on the next iPhones as soon as next month, with mass production ramping up in August in order to launch in September.


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