Qualcomm creates new Snapdragon family naming system

Jonathan Morris
August 3, 2011

Qualcomm has rebranded its range of Snapdragon processors to become more user-friendly and make it easier to make comparisons.

Although we’ve enjoyed detailing each individual processor in many of our reviews, it’s pretty clear that the need to do so must say a lot about the previous naming system, with confusing codes and numbers. Not to us, of course, but smartphones are no longer for geeks!

Therefore, in a move to simplify things, Qualcomm has created three key ranges with clear definitions of what sort of expectations you could expect from each one.

Snapdragon S1 Mobile Processor: for entry level smartphones and tablets

  • Snapping pictures and video to share
  • Casual gaming
  • Full stereo sound
  • Downloading and watching movies

Snapdragon S2 Mobile Processor: for mid-level smartphones and tablets

  • Watch HD videos in browser
  • Rich gaming experience
  • Top-quality pictures and video
  • Streaming movies in 720p HD with crystal clear audio

Snapdragon S3 Mobile Processor: to get the power of a PC in your pocket, for high-end phones and tablets

  • HDMI out to watch HD movies on the TV with Dolby 5.1 surround sound
  • Console quality gaming
  • Capturing and sharing pictures/videos in 3D
  • Streaming movies in 1080p HD

People who live and breathe technology can still expect to know more about the exact chipset used, but we’re certainly in favour of an Intel-like labelling system to make things clearer.

If you want to see that extra detail, check the Qualcomm data below:

The Qualcomm family of Snapdragon processors


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