Pushbullet; the new app that gets Android push notifications on your desktop

Saqib Shah
July 1, 2014

Say what you will about Apple’s software, but one thing you can’t deny is that it synchronises so much better with the company’s range of devices.

One of the benefits of the company’s all-encompassing product ecosystem is the option to receive notifications delivered to whatever device you’re on.

A new Android app entitled Pushbullet, however, aims to bring that same connectivity to Android users, no matter what desktops or laptops you use.

In order to set-up push notifications for your Android device on your PC or notebook you need to first download Pushbullet from Google Play. Make sure you log-in using the same Google account you use on your devices.

Once installed on your smartphone, follow the app’s onscreen prompts to give it access to allow notification sharing and activate notification mirroring,

Next download the app’s Chrome counterpart on your desktop and sign in with your Google account.

Once you successfully install Pushbullet on both devices, you’ll be able to get Android notifications sent to your phone simultaneously delivered to your browser.

Messages will pop up for a few seconds inside Chrome’s notification centre if you’re using a PC or in the OSX notification centre if you’re on a Mac. Pushbullet also allows you to send files, links, or other data between your phone and desktop browser.

Additionally, when you dismiss a notification on your browser it will also disappear from your Android device.

If you want to silence certain outlets, you can easily manage unwanted notifications by selecting “disable mirroring of Facebook” – for example – on the desktop. The Pushbullet icon in Chrome   also has a snooze function that will temporarily disable notifications.

If you want access to your notifications all the time, however, you can choose to keep Pushbullet running even if you’ve closed out of Chrome.


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